ODOT is reshaping the way we do business by taking a values-based and goal-oriented approach to contracting work for the project. The main tool we're using in our approach is the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) project delivery method. The CM/GC method uses two phases of contracts. The first is the pre-construction phase for collaborating on design. The second is the construction phase for building the project. Once the first phase is complete, the contractor can bid on the second phase.

We're using a CM/GC for the overall project along with "Mini CM/GC" subcontracts to encourage small, minority-owned business participation. Through our partnership with the project's primary CM/GC, Hamilton/Sundt a Joint Venture (HSJV) in association with Raimore Construction, we're supporting the development of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and promoting a diverse, skilled workforce.

The HSJV selected three local DBE contractors for Early Work Package A in June 2022, when the HSJV issued notices of intent to award the work. As we continue to put our project values into action, this is the first step of many in reaching our DBE goals. See the July 2022 newsletter for more on the early work packages.

Click to zoom-in on image Early Work Package map and streamlined construction schedule
Early Work Package map and streamlined construction schedule

Selected Contractors For Early Work Package A

Advanced Tribal, LLC General Contractors (Opens in a new window)

Work includes retaining walls and a sound wall in the N. Russell Street area.

Egami Construction Inc. CCB #133991 (Opens in a new window)

Work includes large overhead sign structures, signage and lighting between N.E. Broadway and the Fremont Bridge.

Just Bucket Excavating, Inc. (Opens in a new window)

Work includes storm drainage systems, a retention pond and street reconstruction on N. Russell Street and N. Kerby Avenue.

The project supports DBEs through the bidding process and beyond

The project's three early work packages (A, B and C) are designed to increase opportunities for DBEs to participate. As part of the project's Diversity and Subcontracting Plan, the HSJV and Raimore have been reaching out to registered DBEs since 2021, encouraging them to participate in bidding on contracts. Once the participating DBEs are on board, the HSJV will offer them learning opportunities and technical support. The goal is to help them gain additional skills and build the capacity to pursue larger projects in the future.

Selected contractors reflect on the support they've received

Selected contractors for Early Work Package A are gearing up for the first phase of the project. When asked what this process means to them, here is what they said:

 Advance Tribal LLC team
"Advanced Tribal believes DBE opportunities, like the I-5 Rose Quarter mini-CMGC packages, multiply the investment in - and restoration of - community. In these partnerships, we are a conduit of career opportunity and career development, bringing the benefits of the large project to the infigureidual. In that way the potential of the Native community is realized for the benefit of all. DBE inclusion expands achievement, for it is not only the crafting of the concrete and steel that honors us, but also how well we have learned to relate to our environment and fellow people." - Leon Araiza, President and Owner of Advanced Tribal
Sakurako Egami Thatcher, Owner of Egami Construction Inc.
"Back in 2019, I attended a pre-bid meeting for I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project. The vision of reconnecting the displaced Albina communities sounded so powerful and beautiful, and I wished I could take a part in it. However, I wasn't sure how much I can contribute as a small sign company. Now, 3 years later, I am so thrilled and so honored to be selected to work as a Mini CM/GC on the Early Work Package A for sign structures. I feel very fortunate to have support from and look forward to working with Raimore and Hamilton/Sundt JV teams!" - Sakurako Egami Thatcher, Owner of Egami Construction Inc.
Willie Davis Jr., President of Just Bucket Excavating
"Just Bucket Excavating has operated in the greater Portland area for more than 20 years, working toward a project of this magnitude. We express a great deal of appreciation and gratitude to the Hamilton-Sundt Joint Venture and Raimore team, for engaging with minority communities and helping to grow smaller companies on this project. It's important and encouraging that agencies like ODOT, PBOT and the City of Portland are focusing on the benefits of local small business development and restoration work for the Albina community." - Willie Davis Jr., President of Just Bucket Excavating

More to come for DBEs and the I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project

More contract awardees will be announced as we move forward with each stage of the project. Contractor selection for Early Work Package B is expected to be announced this month. Join us in celebrating these companies' achievements by checking back for the latest news and updates.