In order to complete the highway improvements on I-5, the structures crossing over the highway have to be removed, including the roads and the columns that support them. To replace the crossings, the project will add covers over I-5. The covers will provide the roadway space to cross I-5 and additional surface space to make the area more connected, walkable and bike friendly. The highway covers also will include seismic upgrades, making the structures more resilient in the event of an earthquake.

What is a highway cover?

A highway cover is a concrete or steel platform that spans over the highway that lies below it. In this case, I-5 is below and the covers would go over the top, connecting local streets and neighborhoods. A cover can create more surface area for additional roads, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and public spaces.


One of the locations where I-5 will be covered is where the highway crosses under Broadway, Williams and Weidler Streets.


The other cover location spans over the highway at Vancouver Avenue and creates the new Hancock/Dixon Street overcrossing.